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Over the years, Hot77themix has continued to grow...
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1. How many people use the Internet?

Two billion people use the Internet, 70% use it EVERYDAY.


2. What do they use it for?

62%- Research, 50.1%- Banking, 58%- Shopping, 52%- Listening to internet radio, 62.2%- Information about health, 43%- Making travel reservations, 45.5%- Looking for jobs, 40.%- Watching movies


3. What devices do people use to access Internet Radio stations?

Nearly 40% of people are estimated to listen to online-only audio services on their smartphone, mobile device, or computers.


4. How much revenue is spent on mobile advertising?

Mobile ads will hit $8.2 billion in revenues by 2016.


5. Percentage of population accessing T.O.R. Media Group/Takin Over Radio by continent:

North America- 78%, Austrailia- 67%, Europe-63%, Africa- 15%, Latin America/ Caribbean- 42%, Middle East- 40%, Asia- 27%


T.O.R. Media Group/Takin Over Radio, founded in 1995, has grown to be the number one internet radio station within all 50 states. With over 100 million U.S listeners, T.O.R. Media Group/Takin Over Radio serves as the perfect outlet of promotion for both artists and businesses as well as an extreme listening pleasure for our audience. Listeners from around the world, log on everyday to enjoy music of all genres ranging from Hip-hop, Country, Rap, Pop and many more including the music of other nationalities. 

We started the station as a result of the obstacles we noticed artists ran into with FM stations. We realized that we could reach the same listeners as the FM stations and more. We could give artists and businesses the same quality of exposure at a higher volume. Our mission at T.O.R. Media Group/Takin Over Radio is to provide unsigned artists with a level playing field so as they may go toe to toe with mainstream celebrities.

Our team consists of different individuals with profound levels of experience in the field of music. Whether they were DJs, artists, producers, or even managers, our staff obtain knowledge and insight that can only be obtained through years of experience. We make an effort to give honest feedback when prompted, helpful suggestions towards advancement, and ensure that we have our clients' best interests at heart. We refer to our team as a family and welcome our clients to join, providing a system of support for every individual.

Listeners may not reap the benefits of a professional relationship with our team, however, the radio shows we broadcast more than make up for it. Excitingly upbeat, our shows touch on topics of relativity but can also be completely random ensuring our audiences' exposure to a broad spectrum of conversations. No two days of the week are the same here at T.O.R. Media Group/Takin Over Radio! It's always different.

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